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“Peter is capable of stepping into challenging team and relationship dynamics and helping people look at what impact their perspective and behaviours are having. He maintains a professional calm and brings tools and techniques to the table that are helpful in alleviating some of the issues and surrounding stress. I recommend Peter as a great resource to support teams dealing with interpersonal issues.”
Rob Pineau
“Kim is an amazing facilitator and communicator. She has a superb connection with participants and has an astute understanding of both the business and people issues that affect organizations. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Kim again.”
Natalia P.
“I have had the good fortune to soak whatever recommendations or ideas Peter provides at work. He is extremely insightful and brilliant at what he does! My interactions with Peter leaves me feeling grounded and calm – this is difficult to achieve in high-pace environments these days!”
Andrea M.
“One of Kim’s most valuable skills is how she meets clients right where they are emotionally and spiritually. Kim honors the space the client is in and compassionately listens to determine where they would like to go. Then, together, they create the route to follow.”
Kelly S.